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Under the vibrant leadership of Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, a dynamic pacesetter in Jewish women's education & inspiration, Ohr Naava Women's Torah Center has grown from a humble weekly study group to a world-renowned font of inspiration. Featuring round-the-clock Torah classes, entertaining activities, exciting social events, and engaging workshops from a stellar staff of educators—the continually buzzing center has filled a gaping need in the Jewish community. Regardless of age or background, Ohr Naava's dedicated team provides for the spiritual, emotional—and even physical—needs of thousands of grateful women and girls.

What's the atmosphere like at Ohr Naava? Visitors will invariably find the center humming with spirited activity and joy—the kind of satisfaction that stems from thought-provoking classes, creative programming, and above all, a deep sense of camaraderie. And with this groundbreaking blend of authentic growth and connection, Ohr Naava has become a paradigm of Jewish women's programs, used widely as a model throughout the U.S. and even internationally.

Avinu Malkeinu Around the World: A Night of Awakening is our crowning achievement. What an AMAZING Kiddush Hashem and how moving it is to see thousands of girls and women in one room preparing for Yom Kippur – taking time out of their hectic pre-Yom Tov schedules to grow in their Avodas Hashem! In addition to the incredible Brooklyn event, Ohr Naava spreads its wings. Avinu Malkeinu comes to life in Antwerp, London, Manchester, Toronto, Five Towns, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Montreal, Monsey, Lakewood, Flatbush, and Jerusalem. All over the world, women and girls join together to listen to words of inspiration and chizuk to prepare themselves and their families for the Yomim Noraim.

Ateres Naava Seminary: Our full morning seminary is in full swing. Students range from all across the United States. Our multi-track program provides every girl with just the right level of continued education, as well as providing them with a fully accredited bachelor's degree in 18 months. The girls are also treated to amazing guest speakers, Shabbatons, trips and exciting events. Dorming facilities are available for out of town students.

Bnot Chaya Academy: BCA high school is a place where personal attention is given to each girl. Our outstanding staff provides the students with a warm and welcoming environment. Over 60% of our last year's graduating class went to seminary in Israel. Our newly renovated dorm facility provides our girls with a warm, nurturing home life.

Bnos Binah: Last year, Bnos Binah was launched to cater to "Bais Yaakov" girls right out of high school or returning home from a year of seminary in Israel, who feel the need to be fully equipped to handle the unique challenges and questions facing our generation. With a packed and dynamic 1/2 day learning program, 9-1 Monday through Thursday, Bnos Binah girls are preparing to be those confident leaders whom every school and community truly need. The girls enjoy Shabbatons and trips, a host of inspiring guest speakers, and extra activities and events. Bnos Binah offers the option of a fully accredited bachelor's degree in 18 months and a dorm for out of town students.

Shidduch Initiative: Our dream of hiring shadchanim has become a reality. The division has already made numerous shidduchim and has set up dozens of dates.

Ranch at Bethel: The very first of its kind in the Orthodox community, The Ranch is a revolutionary approach to mental health. It offers individual treatment, classroom academic instruction with individualized support, equine and horticultural treatment programs in a seamless therapeutic residential center. The Ranch is a place where every young girl can reconcile with her past, and create a hopeful future, hand-in-hand with the support of her family.

What is Ohr Naava Women's Torah Center? It is the answer to the call of women today. More than just a hub of wholesome fun, a well of growth and meaning, or a supportive network of friends and mentors, Ohr Naava is all that—and more. It is the universal address for your friends, neighbors, sisters, daughters...and most of all, for you.

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