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A place for every woman to connect & grow
Ohr Naava
For the past decade, Ohr Naava Women's Torah Center has emerged as a life-changing bridge- guiding
thousands of women and girls to achieve their dreams in a safe and supportive enviroment.
Playing a key role in bridging the gap between void and fulfillment,
Ohr Naava is committed to providing what every woman needs-
the opportunity for a promising tomorrow.
Ohr Naava
Ohr Naava

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Getting in shape for the big day
Congratulations! You are engaged! There is a sudden new whirlwind of activity, and a huge
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Special segulos for Chanukah
As told by Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi Chanukah comes from the root word: chinuch/חנך and it is at this time in particular that your reflection is one of love and approval towards them, a successful child is one that sees love and acceptance
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Travel Club: Destination Anywhere
Inspiration motivates. Inspiration helps create. Inspiration facilitates progress toward goals. But where does it come from? Sometimes inspiration will come out of the blue like a gift. More often, you have to be intentional about finding your inspiration. It can

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