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Event 1
Gaining Strength From Your Siddur
Miss Chevy Garfinkel
8:00 PM
Event 2
Understanding Tznius in the 21st Century
Mrs. Chaya Rochel Rokeach
8:30 PM

A place for every woman to connect & grow
Ohr Naava
For the past decade, Ohr Naava Women's Torah Center has emerged as a life-changing bridge- guiding
thousands of women and girls to achieve their dreams in a safe and supportive enviroment.
Playing a key role in bridging the gap between void and fulfillment,
Ohr Naava is committed to providing what every woman needs-
the opportunity for a promising tomorrow.
Ohr Naava
Ohr Naava

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Falling for Fall: A Modest Appraisal of Seasonal Style
(pictured: The Row, Stella McCartney, Burberry Prorsum, Sacai, Vera Wang) Slip on couture sneakers, strap on croc backpack: it's September! Back to... runway. (The aforementioned accessory duo referencing designs of Dior and The Row, of course.) Post Labor Day
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Let There Be Rain
It was in the middle of a shiur on Megillat Esther two years ago that Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein was struck by a simple sentence: "The king could not sleep." In the Megillah, King Achashverosh was kept awake by a nagging feeling that there was someone who had
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Mental Health2
Personal Connection
'During the month of Elul - The King is in the field.' (Baal Hatanya, Likutai Torah, Re'eh 32b) The world is an active and exciting place to develop our skills and talents energetically. With advanced technology, our ability to produce has expanded

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