Pesach with Ohr Naava means you are ensured a growth-filled, meaningful experience. For your spiritual satisfaction, each day of Yom Tov will bring world-renowned lecturers speaking on a variety of timely, relevant topics. find out more


Joining us for all of Yom Tov is Mrs. Lisa Elefant, one of New York's premier shadchanim. The driving force behind countless beautiful marriages, Lisa has become known as a warm, wise, and effective matchmaker whose dedication is unsurpassed.
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Ever dream of a Chol HaMoed minus traffic, hassle…and kvetching? This Pesach, get ready to enjoy an endless stream of fabulous shows for all ages—by staying put. Ohr Naava has prepared an unforgettable lineup, bringing you the best and brightest of the Jewish entertainment world today. find out more

Youth Programming

Top tier programming separately formatted for teens & children boasting elite educators and camp directors is a highlight feature of Pesach with Ohr Naava 2016. With the understanding that Pesach is centered on children – and that we are mandated to transmit to them foundations of our faith, Rabbi Yisroel Majeski Rosh Kollel of Valley Night Kollel of North Hollywood, California and head counselor of Camp Agudah fame & Mrs DeeDee Markowitz of Los Angeles outreach will revolutionize the teen Pesach hotel scene. Capitalizing on that spiritually and physically happy children in turn engender happy parents- this stellar program will raise the universal barre for teen hotel programming.
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Educator Lisa Lancry passionately invests her years of experience with children programming into tailoring a professional, action packed and warm teeny tots and children's highly professional day camp adventure into 10 unforgettable days.
Our Ohr Naava Pesach Day Camp is for children between the ages of 3-11 and the hours are from 9:45AM until 5:00M, with a break for lunch from 12:00PM to 2:00PM. Age and gender appropriate groupings revel in specialty entertainment every single day. Boys and Girls will be separated.
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Tots Program

Children who wear diapers, or are too young to attend camp are taken care of too!
The Ohr Naava Tots program is available at the same hours with nurturing sta specially qualified to take care of your little ones. Toddlers 18 months-3 year olds are encouraged to come. Boys and Girls will be together for this age group. Dynamic, experienced sta will allow your children to create wonderful memories, learn new skills and enjoy fun-filled days in a safe and stimulating environment. There are a variety of surprise guests, and special events every single day!
Ohr Naava will debut an expansive outdoor children's entertainment center for toddlers, youth and teens to frolic in.


Seder night is the night of children. It is when we are divinely commanded to transmit to our offspring the foundations of our faith. Rabbi Wallerstein has created two totally innovative Erev Pesach programs, separately formatted for children and teens, which will change the way your children approach Yiddishkeit—for the rest of their lives.