Book of Remembrances

Journal Book

Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein, dynamic speaker and educator, has collaborated with renowned Judaica artist and author Rabbi Yonah Weinrib to create Sefer HaZichronos, The Book of Remembrances. Reminiscent of King Achashverosh's personal journal to record kindnesses that were shown to him, Sefer HaZichronos will be YOUR personal daily diary and journal to chronicle---forever---- your expressions of Hakaras Hatov to those who have extended themselves to you.

Each day you can record your hakaras hatov... to a parents..siblings..teachers..friends..strangers...You will reinforce your appreciation to others, and you can look back at the end of the year, and see how much others have helped you.. and how much YOU have changed because of it. A handsome full color, beautifully designed journal, with regal artistic imagery by Rabbi Weinrib, and thoughts about hakaras hatov,will invite you daily to add your messages of thanks. It's a perfect gift for your spouse, your child...your parent..and yourself ! Recognize the good in others, record it daily, and become a better person for life.

about the author
Judaica Illuminations

abbi Yonah Weinrib specializes in elaborate manuscript illumination, combining a wide array of art techniques and media to enhance his exacting calligraphy. An accomplished author as well as an artist, he has published volumes on Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish wedding, Hallel, the Manuscript Shiron series (Grace After Meals), Megillat Esther/Ethics of the Fathers. His current work in progress, his magnum opus, is The Illuminated Torah on the Five Books of Moses. Rabbi Weinrib's illuminations, designs and writings contain a fascinating interplay of artistic imagery and profound research based on traditional texts and sources, creating a "visual Midrash."

Rabbi Weinrib has exhibited and lectured internationally, and has been commissioned to design presentation awards for numerous Jewish organizations, as well as heads of state. His work is found in prestigious museums, galleries and private collections around the world.