Tisha B'Av 2018
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PLEASE NOTE: The LIVESTREAM VIEWING and POST RECORDED VIDEOS OF THE SHIURIM will be playing using a 3rd party program, which may require you to remove your internet filter.
Please adjust the number in the boxes to indicate number of viewers for each purchase.
LiveStream Viewing Online
Fees listed are for LIVESTREAM VIEWING ONLY and do not include On Location physical event attendance at Ohr Naava, post-recorded videos or Chofetz Chaim videos (only available at CCHF live viewing events). LIVESTREAM viewing may be viewed by both men and women.
Livestream Night Program
$18 per viewer
Livestream Day Program
$18 per viewer
Livestream Night and Day Program Package
$25 per viewer
On Location Event Attendance
at Ohr Naava
Actual program will take place at 2201 East 23rd Street and Avenue V. Fees listed are for physically attending the event ONLY and do not include LIVESTREAM VIEWING ONLINE or post-recorded videos. Tickets are also available for purchase at the door. FOR WOMEN ONLY.
On Location Night Program
$18 per viewer
On Location Day Program
$18 per viewer
On Location Night & Day Program Package
$25 per viewer
PLEASE NOTE: Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation videos shown at Ohr Naava at 3:15pm and 6:15pm require a separate fee of $15, cash or check (made out to CCHF), collected at the door.
2018 Post Recorded Videos of Shiurim
These videos WILL NOT be available to view online until 3 hours AFTER the beginning of each shiur.
Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein - Night 2018
$5 per viewer
Is This the End of the World As We Know It?
Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein - Day 2018
$5 per viewer
Rabbi Label Lam 2018
$5 per viewer
Struggling with Struggling
Mr. Charlie Harary 2018
$5 per viewer
Reconnecting with Our Father
Mrs. Ivy Kalazan 2018
$5 per viewer
Tisha B'Av: Separation and Connection
Rebbetzin Shira Smiles 2018
$5 per viewer
Desiring and Delving
Rabbi Shalom Yona Weis 2018
$5 per viewer
Not Believing in Your Own Significance: The Real Destruction!
2017 Videos
Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein - Night 2017
$5 per viewer
As the Dawn of Moshiach Approaches
Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein - Day 2017
$5 per viewer
Rabbi Label Lam 2017
$5 per viewer
The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Mr. Charlie Harary 2017
$5 per viewer
Reconnecting with Our Father
Rabbi Duvi Bensoussan 2017
$5 per viewer
Loneliness vs. the Need to Be Great
Mrs. Ivy Kalazan 2017
$5 per viewer
Machlokes and Shalom - Inside and Out
2016 Videos
Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein - Night 2016
$5 per viewer
Do You Hear His Footsteps?
Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein - Day 2016
$5 per viewer
Rabbi Label Lam 2016
$5 per viewer
Where Are We?
Mr. Charlie Harary 2016
$5 per viewer
Let's Get Real
Rabbi Duvi Bensoussan 2016
$5 per viewer
The Secret to Jewish Survival
Mrs. Ivy Kalazan 2016
$5 per viewer
Is There Any Gain in Grieving?
Rabbi Shmuel Skaist 2016
$5 per viewer
Is Tisha B'Av Broken?
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Ohr Naava is a non-profit 501c3 organization.

Thank you for participating in our Tisha B'Av program. We hope the shiurim you are viewing are inspirational and meaningful.
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