Welcome to the Ohr Naava Shidduch Initiative. This initiative originated under the auspices of Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein to provide Ohr Naava girls and the greater community with a network of shadchanim dedicated to their needs.

Ohr Naava is an organization devoted to providing for the "whole being" of young women. On a daily basis, O.N. contributes in countless ways to the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical well being of young women.

Recently the Shidduch Initiative was started to provide the single girls who are part of the O.N. family with viable shidduch options and above all, hope.

Our talented shadchanim, all professionals in their field, are available for private meetings, in addition to monthly 'Meet the Shadchan' nights at Ohr Naava. We are also planning exciting singles events, so stay tuned!

The success of the Shidduch Initiative is YOU! It's about helping you find the 'right one' to settle down and build a home with. We consider you unique and important, and ensure you are taken care of in a personalized fashion. It is our hope that with the efforts of the talented staff of O.N., the shidduch crisis will be alleviated.

We hope to continue to have the z'chus of bringing couples together, regardless of their age, background, or family situation.

We hope you take advantage of this amazing addition to O.N. so that you can be our next success story!

The success of the Shidduch Initiative is YOU!
Shidduch Initiative
Rabbi Cham Tuvia Hanson
Shidduch Initiative Shadchan
Mrs. Judy Bodner
Shidduch Initiative Volunteer Shadchan
Mrs. Lisa Elefant
Shidduch Initiative Volunteer Shadchan
December 22, 2014
8:30pm $10 donation to cover cost
March 15, 2015
11am-10pm $25