Changing the way our teens learn, laugh, love & live!

Ohr Naava has a vision - of our Bais Yaakov girls and daughters being inspired and loving every minute of Yiddishkeit. We see our daughters dressing, speaking and behaving in a way benefiting a Bas Yisroel.

GALtime was the result of this vision. It began in LA in January 2012, headed by Rachel Haberman, a Bais Yaakov Graduate and mother of 3, and her creative team of 11th graders, Yocheved Deutsch and Safie Bayar. Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein spoke at the launch event followed by the release of live monarch butterflies that left the girls amazed and uplifted. World-renowned speakers, such as Rabbi YY Rubinstein, Mrs. Jackie Zipporah Bitton, and Charlie Harary spoke at future events and the GALtime name was actualized.


Seeing the amazing success of GALtime, Yitty Kirschner, and Baila Caller- two enthusiastic mothers of teens in Flatbush, began to spearhead GALtime in NY. Its goal is to offer motivational programing, coupled with fun, food, and exciting themed activities. The girls are rejuvenated in their yiddishkeit and learn to take pride in being a Bas Yisroel. Each event brings in girls from more than 13 Bais Yaakov schools from Boro Park, Flatbush, New Jersey, Queens, Bensonhurst and Long Island. The camaraderie and achdus felt is palpable. The spiritual inspiration experienced, coupled with the warmth and connection, is a gift the girls will treasure for life.

The latest addition to the GALtime family is the division in Silver Spring, MD headed by Sarah Dollman. A young teacher with a passion for inspiring her students, she takes pride in providing inspirational programming and loving mentorship. Her latest creation, GALtime Extra, is a program dedicated to kosher extra-curricular activities. With scavenger hunts, bowling, and laser tag to name a few, the GALtime fun never ends!

December 22, 2014
8:30pm $10 donation to cover cost
March 15, 2015
11am-10pm $25