Special segulos for Chanukah

  • Posted on: December 17, 2014
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As told by Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi

  • Chanukah comes from the root word: chinuch/חנך and it is at this time in particular that your reflection is one of love and approval towards them, a successful child is one that sees love and acceptance in the eyes of their parents
  • Mothers should not say to their kids, during Chanukah or at all, “I am tired” or anything in correlation to ‘I am tired ..not now’.  This makes a child feel like they are not important and a burden to their parents and is very hurtful to them and so even if you are tired, and who is not… don’t tell them this on the 8 days of Chanuka
  • The mitzvah of  the women after lighting is not to move, I repeat Do Not Move, after the candles are lit.  Sit there and gaze at them for ½ hour, but again without moving, talking on the phone, getting up, or anything….  This is very hard but Rebbi Nachman from Breslov says that as hard as it is to sit and not do anything, so is the size of the yeshua you will get by sitting.  But sit there and daven, pray for all and everything…
  • After the ½ hour has passed, and the candles still glow, every time you pass them by stop for a moment and pray.  Don’t just pass them by…
  • On the last night of Chanukah traditionally called זאת חנוכה  there is a segula/a special energy that you may tap into for women who wish to conceive, ask from Hashem that in the merit of the eight days of Chanukah you shall celebrate B’H a bris milah on the eighth day for your son, Amen!  Look at the candles and ask Hashem to give you a child….
  • For all of those who are single or know of someone who wishes to marry, here is one for you: on the Shabbos of Chanukah, you must first light the Chanukah candles and then the Shabbos candles.  After both are lit, glance at them both and ask for a zivug, your marriage partner.
  • Anyone in need of healing of the mind/בריאות הנפש the word נפש stands for נר פתיל שמן and so during Chanukah there is a segula to ask for healing of the soul/mind and to look at the flame of the candle in its’ entirety and to recite Psalm 30: מזמור שיר חנוכת הבית
  • Last but definitely not least; ask for a miracle, a Big miracle in the merit of Chanukah.  Ask for something that you think is impossible & that will be considered a miracle if it happens… Ask that Hashem to release those wrongfully imprisoned: Yonatan Halevi ben Malka Pollard, Shlomo Halevi Mordechai ben Rivka Rubashkin …