10 Tips On How To Meet and Treat A Shadchan


1. Meet one at an Ohr Naava event….shabbaton, event etc.

2. Send an email introducing yourself..include a resume and current photo. Ask the shadchan what the best method of communication is.

3. It’s always preferable to meet in person even if it’s just a short meeting. Better for you and the shadchan.

4. If an in- person meeting is not doable try to be clear and honest in what you are looking for. A very vague description will make it difficult for the Shadchan to properly set you up with eligible boys.

5. Send gentle reminders to the Shadchan every few weeks. i.e texts, emails. Flowers are nice too….just kidding

6. When a Shadchan does set you up, please get back to Inflatable Pub For Sale them by the next morning. It’s very frustrating to have to chase someone down

7. If you get set up with a great guy and think he may be suitable for one of your friends, definitely tell the Shadchan. It shows good character when you think of someone else!

8. Meet more than one shadchan. You never know who the right messenger will be.

9. After the date try to give specific feedback. It will help the Shadchan understand what you are looking for.

10.Have emunah and bitachon Hashem is the ultimate Shadchan.


Lisa Elefant is a wife and mother. She resides in Flatbush.
She is a shadchan at Binyan Adey Ad , and volunteers at Ohr Naava.