Where is the MRKT?
Industry City.
What—a city?? I thought it's in Brooklyn!
Yep—it's in Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood, just 10 minutes from Boro Park and 20 minutes from Flatbush. It's called "Industry City" because it's become a buzzing entrepreneurial hub of industry and innovation.
What time does the MRKT open?

If you like to have the place all to yourself—with a small, intimate group of like-minded shoppers—splurge for the $99 package: you'll enjoy NO lines, instant entry, and first dibs on the best items from 10AM - 12PM on Sunday, with booths wide open for your retail pleasure.
If you don't need that perk, the MRKT is open from 12-8PM on Sunday and 10AM - 5PM on Monday.
I see several floors - is it all in one room?
This year the MRKT is actually spread out in two rooms. The rooms are directly across from each other with a quaint outdoor seating courtyard in between. One room has two floors and the other has one floor.
How do I get there?
You have a couple of options:
Want to get a free $10 giftcard to BED BATH & BEYOND®?
Take the train...or get a ride!
• The D, N, and R lines stop just two blocks away, at 4th Avenue and 36th Street.
• Get an inexpensive Uber/Lyft/car service!
Show us proof of transportation and you'll get an automatic $10 giftcard to BED BATH & BEYOND®!
(One giftcard per family. Limited to first 250 guests in this category.)
Need to drive your own car?
Opt for the luxury VIP treatment of doorfront valet service, available only with the $250 admission package.
Drive to 32nd Street and 2nd Avenue (4 blocks from the venue) and self park—at no charge! We have a fair amount of spots reserved for shoppers but space is limited, so first come, first serve. Call 347-252-6849 (our parking hotline) to see if the lot is full.

Click here for directions and full parking details.
Should I pack food with me?
Nope—best to arrive hungry! We have a fabulous lineup of mouthwatering food vendors placed strategically throughout the MRKT's three floors, including:
I love free stuff! Do I get any free gifts?
Today's your lucky day! For packages $99 and above, we offer a range of free gifts for shoppers:
Wow, sounds awesome. Any other perks that come with packages over $99?
Yup! A gourmet dairy lunch from Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse and a refreshing drink from Fork + Bowl.
What if $99 is not within my budget? How else can I come?
You can purchase our basic admission ticket. If purchased by February 23 it's only $25! After February 23 it goes up to $36.
Do I get any perks with basic admission?
Absolutely! Free parking, a chic, silver laminated MRKT bag, and a complimentary pastry and drink.
Do I have to buy tickets for my kids?
Children ages 10 and up pay full admission for entry. If they attend during exclusive early access (10 AM - 12 PM on Sunday), a $99 package or above must be purchased on their behalf.
Can I bring my baby to the MRKT?
Yes, as long as you can carry them in a baby carrier. To ensure the most comfortable experience for our shoppers, no strollers or carriages will be allowed into the MRKT.